BY: Sarah Quinn


The lion the witch and the wardrobe is a book about a little girl and her brothers and sisters that get into a magical world called Narnia.They get into Narnia through the wardrobe.Lucy was the first one to get onto Narnia.When she tried to tell her brothers and sisters they didn't believe her at first.One day when the house keeper was showing the house to a group of people they his in the wardrobe.That's when all four kids got into the land of Narnia.Edmund had already been but kept it a secret from the older two kids.

One of the BEST books ever !!

Themes in the book

1. Don't judge a book by its cover
Lucy was smart not to judge Mr.Tumnus by his appearance
2. Believe in yourself.
Lucy knew that Narnia was real, it just took time until everyone did
3.If you don't believe try, try again.
Lucy tried to show them that Narnia was real,and they didn't see anything.When they were trying to get away from the house keeper they all got in the wardrobe and thats when she finally got to show them that Narnia was real.