How space effects on the human body

By Bri and Issy

What effects does zero gravity have on the human body?

While in space, the human body will feel weightless, despite having the same amount of mass. But this isnt because of having zero gravity, instead the feeling of being in orbit. When in orbit, something called the centrifugal force, is balanced by the force of gravity toward Earth. Therefore, an astronaut or anyone in space will feel weightless.
The state of weightlessness is also called freefall, zero-gravity (zero-g), or microgravity. Alsoo in this state, walking becomes impossible; instead you or any other movable objects float from place to place. So large objects that would normally be too heavy to move would easily be handled in space.

The Before and After Effect

Over lengths of time, the effect of zero-gravity eventually takes place on the human body. There is proof that astronauts faces have morphed over long periods of time due to space.

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