Mission Statement

By: Sierra Griffith

My Mission Statement

I believe that if I challenge myself to something, to anything, I can do everything I want to do.

I believe that life will bring me good things if I work for it.

I believe the world has a lot to offer to me, I just have to get out there and travel it to see what there is.

In the next few years I want to have passed all my high school classes and my college classes. Also want to have graduated for the Early College and have my high school diploma and associates degree.

Within the next 15 years I want to have went to a good college that had great medical classes and be at my dream job which is to be a pediatrician. Also I hope that I have a family and am living in a good stable home.

I hope that I have gave to people that have gave to me.

I hope that I go to my dream college when I find out what that is.

I think the best decision have ever made in life was coming to the Early College because I will be ready for college, career, and life.


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