Professional Softball Player

Carmen Jimenez


1. the first softball game in 1887 didn't even involve a ball, but instead was played by a group of college guys throwing a boxing glove and hitting it with a stick (Wesley).

2. In 1982, the NCAA held the 1st college world series softball game (Wesley).

3. "The basic rules of fast pitch softball are very similar to baseball," says Ann Wesley.

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1. In the big leagues baseball players make more money than softball players, softball players make small salaries((Guerra).

2. "The National Pro Fast pitch Softball league says its players make approximately $5,000 to $6,000 for a 48-game season running from June through August," says Tony Guerra.

3. Some U.S. female professional softball players make up to $20,000 per season(Guerra).

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1. Injuries for softball players mostly involve the back, shoulder, forearm, wrist, and hand (Preventing).

2. "For pitchers, the most common overuse injuries are shoulder tendinitis," says the author of Preventing Softball Injuries.

3. Catchers problems revolve around the back and knee addition to the shoulder (Preventing).

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Education and Training

1. The author of " Professional Sports Athlete Career" says there is no education required for a pro softball player.

2. Exercise and training is required for softball players (Professional).

3. Practice is also needed in order to become a great player.

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