iPad's in the Classroom

Why iPad's and Education go hand in hand

Kathy Shrock's Guide to Everything

In Kathy Shrock's Guide to Everything she gives a how to guide for setting up your new iPad for the class room.

First Grade iPad Classroom

Information Week Education

In this InformationWeek article it provides you some reasons to implement iPad's in your classroom


The Apple iPad page has a lot of good suggestions for you to do with your iPad. And shows you some of the cool implementations.


This Edudemic article plays out the how vs why argument for having iPad's in the classroom.

How to Use iPads in the Classroom


In this Edudemic article they give us 7 ways to use iPad's the classroom.


In this Slate article they give us some more abstract ways to use iPad's in the classroom.

iPads in Education

iPad's in Education gives us some case studies from the research they did with using iPad's in education. The first one is interesting and is about the use of the iPad in a SPED classroom.


SlideShare is a great resource because it has a lot of slideshows connected to this one slide show. There are a lot of connected slideshows!

For Dummies

The For Dummies website has a lot of articles for the how-to's of doing the iPad in the classroom. There are a lot of articles for you to watch.

Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel put together a list of 10 reasons why classrooms should have iPad's. They bring up a lot of good points.

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