The Roar

February 22, 2016

"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor." ~ Vince Lombardi

Chatham's Chattering

I have one calendar update: March 15 will now be a faculty meeting. Mr. Hunter will be a guest speaker that day to review our Weighted School Assessment with you. After Support Team meets this week, I will send you an updated planning calendar.

As you prepare for parent conferences this week, remember that you are representing the school and how you respond and share your message will leave a lasting impression. Remember how my principal friend mentioned that you seem to be a very happy staff? Let our parents feel that, too, as they enter our building this week. Remember you have the single greatest impact on their children's success in school. Check out the video below (you might need a tissue) to be reminded of the influence you have. Thank you for all you are doing to prepare for this week. We know how hard you are working, and we appreciate it! PTA will be providing lunch again for you both days. YAY PTA!!!

It's GREAT to be a Harbins Tiger!


A Teacher Appreciation Story that Inspires
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Harbins Staff Calendar

Click the red button to go directly to the staff online calendar. The two weeks shown below is just a snapshot.

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Who Is Making IT Happen

  • THANK YOU to our Relay for Life Cupcake Challenge Bakers, Sandra Hefner, Diann Eakin, Mandy McGee, Melinda Heimerich, Amy D'Angola, Lisa Toler, Nancy Porter, Susie Inglett, Amanda Stewart, Cindy Parker, Trista Clark, and Jennifer Anderson and Shelly Everett! Your cupcakes were very tasty! Without you this fundraiser would never happen, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  • THANK YOU to every person that folded a box, moved a box, moved cupcakes, decorated, reloaded cupcake trays, cleaned up etc....... Your kindness was very much appreciated. Once again, the Harbins faculty comes through in a magnificent way! This event could never be pulled off without each one of you! You are amazing!
  • Thank you to Trisha Connor and Mike Stanton for always challenging me to come up with new ideas for students. You guys make me a better teacher and a better professional every day!
  • Thank you to Bridget Saldana for your great staff development on GMAS and for all of your help with our EIP program.
  • Kim Mitchell for helping Lea Sirmans be on time for an early morning conference. Kim, you made this little girl's day and Lea's too! See picture below who is making it happen.
  • Donna Hargrave and Cindy Parker did an amazing job preparing for the Jr Beta Induction. Thank you for your hard work planning and organizing!
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Important Updates - Study Island & Reading Eggs

Our current Study Island and Reading Eggs subscriptions will expire on March 9th. In the past, we have used Fun Run proceeds to purchase these products. Last year the cost was $7,430.40. Since our Fun Run is later this year, we won't have money available until late April if we decide to renew. The company is not willing to extend our subscription without payment at this time. As of this time, Study Island and Reading Eggs will not be available after March 9th. Look for any updates on this situation in the Roar next week.

Parent/Teacher Conference Schedule

Please be sure to send your Parent/Teacher Conference Schedule to Mia by the end of the day on Monday, February 22nd. You can print the schedule and put it in her box or send it to her electronically.

3rd 9 weeks Interim - ALL Teachers Need to Read

  • The administration window for DA 3rd 9 weeks Interim is 2/29/2016 – 3/22/201.
  • You may administer the DA anytime during the testing window.
  • Students MUST receive their test accommodations as written in their IEP.
  • Teachers need to sign-up for computer lab time, or administer in your classroom in small groups using student laptops. ALL Lab B and Lab D times are reserved for testing during the testing window. However, after 2/26, anyone may sign up for times that are still available. If you have already signed up for one of these times and your are not administering a DA, please remove your name.
  • Grades 3-5: Part B is required for LA and MA.
  • Scores for 3rd 9 weeks Interim must be included in the 3rd 9 weeks report card grade.

Please contact Christy if you need assistance

Backing Up Important Files

Files on your flash drives, desktop and in your My Documents folder (My Pictures, My Music, My Videos) ARE NOT backed up and may be lost if your computer crashes or you need to be re-imaged. Luckily for us, our Google Apps for Education account gives you FREE, UNLIMITED backup for all of those files. The directions and video below show you how to do this in just a few easy steps. Note: Files in your H: drive are already backed up nightly by GCPS - this just applies to your desktop and C: files. Keith will no longer back up those files if you need to get re-imaged, so make sure that you follow these steps to ensure that no files are lost.

Written Directions

Google Drive Backup

Media Center News

Don’t forget the Book Fair is in the Media Center Monday, Feb 22nd – Friday, Feb 26th – No Student Check Outs this week.

~~ Encourage your students to purchase the Tiger Tales book at the book fair – the students will have an opportunity to have their books signed when the author come to our school on March 29th (teachers too!)

~~ Sign up for a Guest Reader slot for you class for Read Across America Day – or help me find a few guest readers who are willing to come into a few classrooms to read to students. Sign up on the Google Doc

~~ Please put in your newsletter that students will be able to dress like a book character on Read Across America Day on Wednesday, March 2nd. No masks/ scary things allowed.

Teachers – I am working on some prizes for the TEACHER dress up like a book character day – can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

Conferences with Spanish Speaking Interpreter

As you get confirmation letters back please put them in Amanda Acres' box. You can view the schedule by using the link below.

Boosterthon - Fun Run (Harbins Tiger Run)

3/22 - Fun Run Kick-Off during Specials

3/22 - Teacher Pep Rally 3:15 in Media Ctr. - Refreshments

3/23 - 3/30 Daily Classroom Visits from Boosterthon Team

3/31 - Fun Run - 2 Grade Levels at a time if outside

4/13 - First Official Count Day - 10% back to teachers of what is turned in by this date

Students will not be provided a t-shirt. We will use the large stickers that Boosterthon will provide.

Staff will be provided a t-shirt. I will send out a link for your sizes in case they have changed since we gathered last year.

Boosterthon will have a Customer Service Line this year.

Students that at least register will receive a bracelet.

Students will have the opportunity on the Fun Run website to have a video with their face in it to solicit pledges/donations from family and friends.

Come de-stress before the day of the boosterthon!!!

Please join us for moment of relaxation on March 30. We will have Harbins parent Casey Kissel, licensed massage therapist here to help you relax. She will be doing 15 minute massages! The lights will be dim and soft music playing. Come join us during your planning or lunch time in room 1.118 in the U-Haul for your free session. All staff is welcome!

Peach State Federal Credit Union is Awarding $146,700 in Scholarships!

It’s scholarship time at Peach State Federal Credit Union! For our 2016 Scholarship Program, we are awarding a total of $146,700 in scholarships and educational grants.

Our Career Advancement Scholarships, which honor the founders of Peach State, are a part of this program. Recognizing the importance of education as a lifelong experience, we will award 19 $2,000 Career Advancement Scholarships to eligible members of our credit union. All scholarship winners will be chosen by the end of April 2016 and notified shortly thereafter.

To be considered for the scholarships, all applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

· Must be a credit union member in good standing

· Must currently be enrolled in an accredited program of study at a college, university or technical institute with the goal of career advancement (proof of paid registration documents for current term or class schedule from accredited institution must be included)

Please share this information along with the attached scholarship application with your faculty and staff. Completed applications and supporting documentation must be received by Peach State no later than March 18, 2016. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

PTA Grant Update

For planning purposes, the deadline for submitting receipts for the $50 PTA grants is now March 1. Remember each teacher may receive a grant. If you have any questions, please let us know. AND. . . remember to thank your PTA. They are amazing!

Certified Transfer Process

The Transfer Process will begin on 2/29/16 and will end on 3/11/16. All that are eligible to participate in the process will receive a link/button to use if interested. We will be receiving more information on this process but wanted to make you aware of the timeline.

Review of K-12 Science and Social Studies GPS

A formal review process was conducted for the K-12 Science and Social Studies Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). The review process included several public survey opportunities from April 16, 2015, through September 15, 2015. Teacher and stakeholder survey results informed the revision process for drafting the K-12 Science and Social Studies Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). Working, Advisory, and Academic Review Committees representing K-12 Georgia public school teachers and education stakeholders from across the state made revisions to the K-12 Science and Social Studies GPS based on survey results. See the attached documents for an overview of the revision process.

On January 14, 2016, the State Board of Education granted permission to post the draft Science and Social Studies GSE for 60 days of public review and comment.

The surveys for both Science and Social Studies will be posted from January 15, 2016, through March 14, 2016. The survey opportunity will close on March 14, 2016, at 5:00 P.M. EST. We need your assistance in forwarding this communication and the links below to appropriate staff, PTA/PTO members, and other education stakeholders.

For science related information, contact Juan-Carlos Aguilar, Science Program Manager, via email at or via phone at 404-657-9072. For social studies related information, contact Shaun Owen, Social Studies Program Manager, via email at or via phone at 404-651-7271.

Use the following URL to access an overview of the Science and Social Studies revision process, draft standards and crosswalk documents, and survey links:

STEMCampATL - Spring 2016

GCPS is proud to host the 2nd STEMCampATL for metro-Atlanta STEM educators. STEMCampATL is designed to provide access to high quality, personalized professional learning for K-12 educators. Embracing the belief that fellow STEM educators can provde some of the most valuable professional development resources for their colleagues. This unconference learning will be driven by teachers for teachers. Come prepared to share and learn about innovative practices in STEM education.


When: Saturday March 12, 2016 8:00 - 12:00

Where: Peachtree Ridge HS

Registration will open on January 5th @

Dates That Lunch Monitors Are Not Available and Teachers Will Need to Eat in Cafe With Their Class

Teachers will need to eat with their class in the Cafe on the following dates due to no lunch monitors being available:

February 22nd

March 4th & 21st

April 18th & 28th

May 12th, 23rd, 24th & 25th

Classroom Spirit Award

Each Friday, you will go into the Google Chrome "Friday Spiritwear" file that Montine shared with each of you and enter the total number of students in your class that is wearing a red shirt or Harbins spirit wear. The class showing the most school spirit by wearing red or school spirit wear will get a "spirit paw" to hang on the door. Go Tigers! Show your school spirit and encourage your students to participate!

ABCD Awards

Please send your nominations to Chatham by January 21, 2015, for recognition of staff members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that teaching and learning at Harbins are at the highest levels.

Roar Deadline

If you want to add something to the Roar, it must be sent to Montine by noon on Thursday of each week. If not turned in by Thursday at noon, it will have to be entered into the following week’s Roar. Thanks for your help!

Leaders in Learning

A Chrome file has been shared with each teacher, please go in to list your Leader in Learning each month when Montine sends out the notification email.

Staff Birthdays


Melanie Cain 2/25

Through the Eyes of a Child

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