Elementary Weekly Updates

Week of February 16th

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FAST Referrals

Pleas make sure to add Tanya Kuipers as the Content Teacher/Counselor on all FAST Referrals. She will be an additional resource to help monitor student success.

Expense Reports

Make sure January expenses are submitted by COB on Tuesday. Mileage and Lodging from last week's PD need to use the Kent ISD Grant Fund. Make sure to review our new updated reimbursement policy. Technology expenses will no longer be reimbursed. All technology requests (headsets, etc.) must go through Casa.

RTO Process Reminder

I will be working this week to get up to date on RTOs. When sending please make sure to attach the RTO form to the Outlook appointment you send me. Set the outlook for sometime in the morning before 8, so it doesn't fill up my calendar.


Don't forget to push RAZ Kids and IREADY! These programs will help for remediation of those basic skills so we can focus on grade level standards and rigor during CC
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The following team members celebrate a birthday this month:

Lacie Shelley 2/5
Lori Dugan 2/9
Kelly Mohr 2/10
Danielle Wright 2/15
Colleen Carrie 2/16