Death Cloud

By Andrew Lane, Report By Aaron Gibbs

Character Analysis

The main character is Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is an adventure loving teenager who always seems to always be solving some sort of mystery.


The main character is Sherlock. He lives in a town called Farnham in England. His father went with the military and he has to stay with his uncle Sherinford.

Rising Action

When Sherlock arrives in Farnham, the first thing he notices is a huge mansion. His brother, Mycroft, tells him that the mansion is the Holmes Manor, the place where Sherlock will be staying. He finds a boy named Matty Arnatt who tells Sherlock about a cloud that has killed two people. He then sets out to find out what it is.

Sherlock goes to the fair but when checking out a fighter, he gets pushed in the ring and gets knocked out. When he wakes up, he finds himself in The Baron's house in a room with The Baron but the lights are off so he cant see what he looks like.

Sherlock follows The Baron's ship to London and finds out that the cloud is a ton of bees that are attracted to a fabric in the clothes that The Baron is making for the British military. He plans to unleash the bees on the military.


The climax is when Sherlock goes to an old bunker just outside of London and burns all of the bees stopping The Baron's plans.

Falling Action

Afterwards, Sherlock goes back to Farnham and meets up with Matty, his tutor, and his tutor's daughter. His tutor asks him what he learned and Sherlock says that "bees are fascinating and sorely neglected creatures. I think I want to know more about them."


After they meet up Sherlock goes home but on his way there, he sees Baron Maupertuis and realizes that his adventures have just begun.