Poetry Project

My 3 poetry assignment

I Wish

I wish I had good grades

I wish I had a new phone

I wish I had a lot of money

I wish I had a bigger locker

I wish I had magic

I wish I had Superpowers

I wish I could travel into other dimensions

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true


I made a good friend

out of someone I shouldn't

I told him everything

I had trouble with

I made a good friend

he got a girlfriend

it was all good till we got a new friend

his girlfriend was jealous of her

and she had all reason to.

I made a good friend

Him and his girlfriend broke up

he went out with one of our befriends

we were happy for them

after weeks of them going out our group broke apart

I made a good friend

we lost him and we didn't want to loose her too

we told her bad things about him

and she told him

I guess we lost her a long time ago.


People are like the world

They have dark places no one

wants to see.

People are like Pencils

You loose them at one one point

and you didn't even know it.

People are useless

when you need their help

they are never there