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               STAMP ACT 1765 ANOTHER tax colonists were forced to pay for the French and indinan war.And the colonists had to pay tax for thing like newspapers and food and other things.the colonists were vere mad becasuse thay nave had to pay tax on the past.the colonist did not thike that it  was fier becasuse that thay coude not do nothing about it. so the boycotted things. AND boycotted mean to dont by nothing form.                                                                            



the declaration of independence was a formal document that was wrttn to officiallty announce the colonies break from great britain and each colonies sand some on to sing the declararation of independence july 4th 1774


at the and of the french and indian war many americsn colonists wanted to settle the territory gained by great britain was located between the mississippi river inian war hing appalachian mountains thay had debt from indina attacks that would occur when colonist moved on ton there lind and king george /// coud not aford to protect the colonist from indin attacks that would occur when the colonistst move.