About Me


My Love For The Arts

i have always loved to draw,paint and to create.The images below are what i love to paint the most birds flowers and nature.I love to sculpt and do other creative things like that.In a few days its going to be Halloween and i am going to be a panda today i am making my costume.I just love the arts...

How I Am Seen

Some people see me different than others now you will find out others see me.

At my church i have a very good reputation but at my house not so much... but, we all know, nobody's perfect.What i am seen from my Mother and my Father is a little kid (but i'm not). my teachers see me a the perfect little angel (but i'm not) definitely not.I am in GT,GT stands for gifted and talented,my friends see me as a genius (but i'm not).I am a girl who is not perfect...(nobody is).

How I See Me

i see myself as a good positive girl i'm the little sister in my family ,and my favorite hobby is to make things i like to make pictures with paint and charcoal pencils i also like to sew ,crotchet and sometimes make bracelets.The reason i love the arts is because i just had a natural talent for it.I also see me as a girl who is great at running and athletic things i can run very fast for a very long time (my dad was very good at running to).I see myself as a girl who loves to read,draw,and do sports i also enjoy music to.I see myself as a fun person and people wont, and cant change me.

the symbolism of the cat and the lion is how i see myself...

How I Want To Be Seen

I want to be seen as a kind person who will give you the positive advice that will brighten your day and help you when you are sad. When I grow up I want to be a positive role model like Mother Theresa or Plato or someone intelligent like that.But for now I think I am already a good example to the littler kids.But what i want to be seen as most is an intelligent, kind,great person to look up to...

I Drew That Picture Up There