Human Dependence Project by Anya Golovko

Main Issues of Overfishing:

1: Subsidies

2: Illegal Fishing.

3: Open areas of fisheries.

Negative Effects on the Environment:

  • Can effect biodiversity ( diversity of living things).
  • Collapse of the ecosystem and our environment.


Articles about Overfishing:

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Overfishing - The consequences

The Main Regions affected by Overfishing:

Regions along coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are most affected by Overfishing.

Wildlife Affected:

  • The most wildlife that is impacted is marine wildlife like Tuna, Sharks, and many more types of fish.
  • Overishing affects wildlife because the lack of one fish can lead to no food for another marine organism or fish.

People Affected:

  • It could affect us in League City because since we are close by the coast and most ports will be taken we could lose jobs and food.
  • Overfishing can affect people,when one region shut down cod fishery, 50,000 people lost their jobs as fishermen. ( Reference- Canadian Wildlife Federation)

Who Causes Overfishing?

Fishers cause overfishing when they think oceans have a unlimited supply of fish.

Existing Solutions to Overfishing:

Companies like WWF ( World Wildlife Foundation) are trying to set a environmental standard to sustainable fisheries

My Solution To Overfishing:

My solution is to help fisheries set up a max capacity on how much much fish they can fish without overfishing. My solution is able to be implemented now.