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A slaves point of view.

I was being sold on a platform and I was looking out in all the people.I was being instructed to jump. Then I was sold.I saw a little girl puking on the floor.she looked horrified. that made me unconfertible. They left.I left.


My interview with Frederick Douglass.


I am in Frederick Douglass living room interviewing him on his daily life as a slave.

  • Where did you work as a slave?

I worked in the fields.

  • What tools did you use as a slave?

We used lots of different tools such as corn masher,shack hook, wooden dyke shovel,and sheep shears.

  • Where were you taught and how?

I was taught in the kitchen in top sekret.

  • Who did you trust

I trusted my family.

  • When did you decide to run away.why?

I Decided to run away when I was young because I was tired of working for nothing.

  • What was it like to run away?

It was painful and lonely to run away.

  • How many times where you beat?

I was beat many times by my master.

  • What were you beat with?

I was beat with many things like sticks, and whips.

  • Did you have friends when you were young?

No because I was shy when I was young.

  • Who took care of you when you were young?

My grandparents took care of me.


the escape.

Once there was a little girl who lived on a farm. She helps out on the farm. One day she saw confederate soldiers riding into the farm.they questioned her parents if they were hiding enny runaway slaves. then they strode away. after they
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