Paly Community Update

Friday, February 5, 2021

Hello Viking Families!

We are now in our second week of having student cohorts on campus at Paly. It has certainly been exciting having students on campus.

Currently, we have 8 small-group cohorts coming on campus twice a week. Students, in cohorts, are able to socialize before school, during breaks, at lunch and after school. During class time, students zoom into their classes, just as they would if they were at home. We are currently working on increasing students’ experience of community by playing music on the quad at lunch, and moving some cohorts to more central locations on campus.

As seats become available within cohorts, and as we are able to increase numbers of cohorts, we are extending the invitation to join a cohort to others who may be interested. In order to get on our waitlist to join a cohort, please notify your student’s counselor. As soon as seats are available we will reach out to those on our lists.

Additional information and expectations to help you decide if the cohort model is right for your student:

General and Procedural Information

  • Students must report to their assigned room immediately when entering campus and must leave campus when their school day has finished. They must remain on campus for the duration of the school day, including lunch periods.

  • Daily roll will be taken.

  • Students will only be able to socialize within their own cohort.

  • Each cohort will have separate classrooms, bathrooms, and eating areas from other cohorts.

  • Students will attend all scheduled classes while in their cohort.

  • A general education teacher will work with students to support them with their academic, communication, attendance, and engagement needs.

  • Students will be afforded opportunities to engage in ASB organized activities within their cohorts.

  • Snacks and daily lunch will be provided by PAUSD food services.

  • Transportation can be provided for VTP students (city bus)

  • Students who are unable to attend regularly will forfeit their spot in the cohort.

Safety Information

  • Students must wear masks at all times, except for when they are eating

  • Students are required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer (provided) when entering the classroom.

  • Students must remain in their designated workspace during class time.

  • Students must sign in and out via the attendance sheet when leaving and returning to the classroom during the day.

  • Students who are unable to follow the safety requirements will forfeit their spot in the cohort.

Comparing Semester Grades 2019 to 2020

With the end of the first semester in December 2020, we were able to review comparison data in a variety of ways. In this communication, I am sharing with you the review of the D/F grades from first semester this year to first semester last year. We will use this data to help identity trends in student outcomes, including opportunities for targeted response and interventions.

Some highlights of the data include:

  • The number of students receiving D’s and F’s year over year decreased by 17%

  • The number of D’s and F’s year over year decreased by 7%

  • Continued disproportionate representation of Hispanic and Black students in the data

I will be providing a more in-depth grading data presentation at our upcoming site council meeting, this coming Monday, beginning at 3:30 pm. Here is the link if you are interested in attending: Zoom Meeting Link

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Picture Day at Paly This Week!

The yearbook staff has been busy working toward including as many members of the Paly community in this year’s book as possible. Since we did not have a traditional photo day, we will be using a program that will allow for the upload of a yearbook portrait taken at home! On Thursday, February 11th, during third period, teachers will be showing a tutorial and encouraging students to take their ‘selfies’ at that time.

These photos will be used for student ID cards, so seniors should be participating as well.

Third period teachers will walk students through the process. We will make sure that the tutorial video gets shared via Schoology in case some students miss it or have a third period prep. If you have any questions or concerns, please email yearbook adviser Brian Wilson at

Guidance Office - Zoom Drop-in Hours

Guidance will continue to offer daily drop-in hours, hosted by Pamela Garcia. Students can reach Ms. Garcia using the following zoom link. She can help direct your student to the right person or set up a meeting with your school counselor. (Zoom: You can also reach Ms. Garcia at


Daily drop-in hours:

Monday- Wednesday from 8:30-12:00 and 1:00-3:30

Thursday-Friday from 8:30-1:00 and 2:00-4:00

If at any time the Guidance drop-in zoom is unavailable, please contact the main office drop-in zoom.