I Want THAT Job!

Neurologist work hard and think right for their job.

What do Neurologist do?

  • Diagnose patients sleep disorders using brain waves, eye movement and breathing.
  • Collect brain waves to find if people will have seizures or not.
  • They help work on brain injuries from car accidents and other causes.

How does this career benefit our society?

This career benefits our society because they collect brain waves to find seizures in our body. Also, they use a MRI to use from a car accident or a cause that injured someone to see how badly their injured, and what kind of treatment they need.

Education and Skills that are needed


  • 4 years of premedical education in a college or University.
  • 4 years of medical school resulting a MD or DO.
  • 1 year of internship.
  • 3 years of speciality training.


  • Communication skills
  • Highly observant
  • Empathetic

What kind of personality will you need???

  • Be very polite
  • Desire to work with patients
  • Not to be stressed
  • Study throughout their career

Annual salary or wages!

They get about $206,000


21% or more!!!