Rhenne Cervantes

Senior Warden at Christ Church Covington

Rhenne Cervantes

Rhenne Cervantes has always had a knack for leadership. Even as a child, Rhenne Cervantes’s friends looked to him for direction. The children in his neighborhood always wanted to do what he was doing. Since then, his leadership skills have only improved. As Archdiocese of New Orleans for fifteen years, Rhenne Cervantes spent much of his time directing and monitoring people. Now, in his role as Senior Warden of Christ Church Covington, Rhenne Cervantes is charged with managing the church’s resources.

Supporting a Charity with Rhenne Cervantes

Rhenne Cervantes is a man with a powerful faith in God. He lives in Mandeville, Louisiana, where he is the Senior Warden at Christ Church Covington. For many years, Rhenne Cervantes has helped his church with many of the various charities that it runs. It takes a lot of work to pull off everything that a charity does, and Rhenne Cervantes is usually first in line to help in any way. Recently, he has helped with fundraising efforts. Below, he would like to share a few tips about fundraising.

Organization is important. Rhenne Cervantes says that the first thing you need to consider when helping a charity raise funds is organization. Rhenne Cervantes advises you to be careful about keeping track of all of the funds that you collect. He says that there are many online resources available. These sites can help you stay organized by keeping track of what you collect.

Surround yourself with a good team. Rhenne Cervantes says that fundraising can be challenging. With that said, Rhenne Cervantes advises that you create of team of people that you can trust. This way, you will be able to split up some of the responsibilities that are involved with fundraising. You will also be able to hit different areas at once in order to collect funds.

Be prepared and have a goal. Rhenne Cervantes says that it is important to have a specific goal in mind for how much you want to collect. Rhenne Cervantes also advises that you prepare for questions from potential donators.

Louisiana Travel Destinations with Rhenne Cervantes

Rhenne Cervantes lives in Mandeville, Louisiana. There, he has worked for the McMath Construction company for nearly ten years. He is the Project Development Manager there, and he can often be found busy at work. However, living in Louisiana has afforded Rhenne Cervantes the chance to visit some of the most interesting places in the state. Below, Rhenne Cervantes would like to share some of his favorite Louisiana travel destinations.

Jackson Square in New Orleans

Rhenne Cervantes says that Jackson Square in New Orleans is one of the more interesting areas in a very interesting city. Rhenne Cervantes recommends areas like the Garden District and the French Quarter, of course, but he says that Jackson Square is a must-see landmark destination filled with beautiful scenic views, street painters, performers, and more.

Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center in Baton Rouge

Rhenne Cervantes says that if you are in Baton Rouge, you should definitely check out one of the most beautiful nature walks he has ever been on. The Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center is a wonderful conservation area, according to Rhenne Cervantes. It has many different wildlife exhibits, over 100 acres to explore.

Cathedral of St. John in Lafayette

Rhenne Cervantes says that one of the most beautiful historical sites that he has ever seen is found in Lafayette. Rhenne Cervantes highly recommends that you visit the Cathedral of St. John. He says that it is a gorgeous and massive brick building, which towers over the city of Lafayette, and that it should not be missed.

Rhenne Cervantes on the Benefits of a Spiritual Life

It is no surprise that Rhenne Cervantes is a spiritual man. He graduated from Notre Dame Seminary in 1992, and is an ordained priest. Since his religious education, Rhenne Cervantes has held a variety of different leadership roles in the church, each of which has taught him something new. From 1992-2006, Rhenne Cervantes held the title of Archdiocese of New Orleans, a very authoritative and respected role. Since that time he has worked in various other capacities in the church, currently as Senior Warden at Christ Church Covington in Covington, Louisiana.

Because he has spent so much of his life immersed in religious matters, Rhenne Cervantes knows how life changing a spiritual life can be. While knowing that a spiritual lifestyle may not be right for everyone, Rhenne Cervantes always suggests people try it out for a period of time. He has found that many people don’t know something is missing in their life until they discover a spiritual connection.

By focusing on something spiritual, Rhenne Cervantes believes you are able to realign your priorities. There is something about contemplating eternity that makes your current problems seem frivolous and trivial. Rhenne Cervantes finds hope in the unknown, something our increasingly chaotic world does not seem to offer.

Rhenne Cervantes also believes that spirituality can truly affect a person physically. Tests have suggested that religious or spiritual beliefs can actually help to reduce depression and improve moods. Rhenne Cervantes suggests everyone seek out some sort of spiritual experience in their everyday lives, even if for just a short period of time.

Proper Budgeting with Rhenne Cervantes

When dealing with finances, it is very important to budget your money properly. Rhenne Cervantes, a Projected Development Manager for a construction company, is a firm believer in strict budgets. By properly budgeting his money, Rhenne Cervantes has found it nearly impossible to overspend or go in debt. He prefers to set up monthly, annual, and long term budget plans.

The first thing Rhenne Cervantes likes to do is set up separate savings accounts. He prefers to have a specific account associated with each category of spending. Today, most banks will allow you to set up a handful of sub-accounts under each main account. Rhenne Cervantes has sub-accounts dedicated to food, medical, mortgage, charity, and more. By separating each account, he gives himself a clear view of how much he is actually spending on each category.

When Rhenne Cervantes receives his paycheck he immediately goes to his budget spreadsheets and develops his plan for the month. He has basic figures that he always works off of, but leaves himself some flexibility to change the numbers around each month accordingly. This process allows Rhenne Cervantes to be sure he is spending his money appropriately.

Because he spends so much time carefully dividing his spending, Rhenne Cervantes prefers to use cash and debit cards only. He only keeps a credit card for emergencies. By using cash, Rhenne Cervantes assures himself he is only spending money he actually has. Credit cards have their place, but Rhenne Cervantes has learned that the best policy is good old fashioned paper money.

Fundraising with Rhenne Cervantes

Rhenne Cervantes has spent much of his life helping out with different charity and community organizations. A major part of those different organizations is focused around securing funding to help people in need. Without money, most community organizations cannot accomplish their goals. Rhenne Cervantes has been part of a number of fundraising teams in the last two decades, and he would like to give four tips on effectively fundraising for a good cause.

(1) Know your End Goals

In order to effectively raise money, you are going to need a clear goal. Rhenne Cervantes always sits down with his fundraising teams in order to hash out what they are really looking to do. Knowing specifics is very important in most cases. When you ask people to donate money, they will usually have a lot of questions. Rhenne Cervantes makes sure he always understands who, why, and how. Who are you fundraising for, why are you fundraising, and how will it help?

(2) Build a Team

The team building process is often times more of an open signup. When it comes to fundraising, Rhenne Cervantes knows you cannot be picky. If someone wants to help, you usually will not turn them down. But nonetheless, Rhenne Cervantes suggests defining roles and delegating responsibilities according to skillsets.

(3) Stay Organized

When you are dealing with other people’s money, it is important for you to stay organized. Rhenne Cervantes prefers to use one of the many free online tools to manage fundraising money. He has learned that people are much more likely to donate money when they trust it is being handled properly.

Rhenne Cervantes Talks New Orleans

Rhenne Cervantes has spent the better part of his life in New Orleans, a city that he loves dearly. While there he has been a part of many priceless memories and stories. Rhenne Cervantes is always telling people to visit his beloved city, and when he does he likes to give them a list of some of his favorite things to do.

French Quarter

One of the centerpieces of New Orleans is the French Quarter, and specifically Jackson Square. When Rhenne Cervantes lived close to the French Quarter, he would often take morning and evening strolls through the square. Rhenne Cervantes finds Jackson Square, with its stunning art and statues, to be one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

City Park

The image of City Park has drastically changed over the last decade, but it still remains one of the major focal points of the city. Rhenne Cervantes enjoys spending a sunny afternoon in the park, which stretches from Bayou St. John to Lake Pontchartrain. In 2006, Hurricane Katrina wrecked the park, but the community has come together with a vision to restore it to its former glory.

Food and Music

While Bourbon Street’s coarse entertainment casts a bad image of the cities night scene, Rhenne Cervantes says there is much more. He prefers a much more casual night spent on Frenchmen Street listening to live music and enjoying a light dinner. But Rhenne Cervantes mentions that the neighborhood also has more upbeat clubs for those interested in a faster paced evening.

Rhenne Cervantes Explains How to Pick a Construction Company

Rhenne Cervantes knows that building your first home, or any home for that matter, can be a daunting and stressful task. But he also knows it doesn’t have to be. Rhenne Cervantes has worked as a Project Development Manager for a southern Louisiana construction company for eight years now. In his time working in the construction industry, Rhenne Cervantes has learned what clients are specifically looking for in a company. What follows are three simple tips on how to pick the right construction company for any job.

(1) Look through their past work.

Rhenne Cervantes knows that past work is the best indicator for future work. When potential clients approach the company Rhenne Cervantes works for, they almost always ask to see a portfolio of previous projects. This is an important step, because not all construction companies are the same.

(2) Ask about their policies.

Rhenne Cervantes is always asked about his companies policies. You want to understand how schedules are treated and what happens if deadlines are not met. Rhenne Cervantes also advises people to make sure they completely understand the cost structure of their specific project.

(3) Find out about communication procedures.

There is nothing worse than being in the middle of building and not being able to get in contact with your construction company. Rhenne Cervantes suggests asking about how they handle communication. You should be able to tell a lot about a company by how they handle communication. By clearly understanding their processes, and where you fit in, you can cut down on future misunderstandings.

Rhenne Cervantes on Counseling Friends

Rhenne Cervantes has made a career out of counseling and consulting others, but it can be quite different when you are dealing with a friend or family member. Rhenne Cervantes has found that he must follow a different set of rules when dealing with somebody he knows. There are times when everyone can use a little advice, but hearing it from those closest to you can sometimes hurt the most. Rhenne Cervantes gives a few pointers on how to be smart and effective in situations where you find someone close to you needs counseling.

Rhenne Cervantes has spent time in various capacities of religious leadership, including as the Archdiocese of New Orleans from 1992-2006. He is also a Project Development Manager for a construction company in southern Louisiana. In addition, Rhenne Cervantes has been an executive consultant for a religious development consulting firm.

Rhenne Cervantes suggests approaching people close to you with a mindset of love and humility. The most important thing is to show them that you love them. If they don’t see you as approaching them in love, they will respond with resentment. Rhenne Cervantes likes to point out examples of times he has struggled in his personal life. This helps bring the conversation to an equal and level playing field.

Another key part to having tough conversations with loved ones is to prepare your words carefully. Rhenne Cervantes likes to practice his conversation, making sure he is clearly getting his points across. By being fully confident and prepared with your conversation you are more likely to have an effective talk.

Rhenne Cervantes Talks about Motivating Others

Rhenne Cervantes is seen as a leader in his southern Louisiana community for many different reasons, one of which is his ability to motivate others. Through different career and extra-circular pursuits, Rhenne Cervantes has learned that there is a multitude of ways to motivate people towards success.

Rhenne Cervantes has spent time in various leadership roles in the Catholic and Episcopal churches, as well as being a project manager and consultant for different companies. What follows are a few of Rhenne Cervantes’s suggestions for effective motivation.

(1) Set Goals

Rhenne Cervantes believes setting goals is the most important part of successful motivation. Goals give people vision, something to strive for. Some of the most successful projects that Rhenne Cervantes has been a part of have had very specific goals. The hardest part here is drawing the fine line between goals that stretch people and goals that are attainable.

(2) Reward People

This is a pretty simple idea, but you need to reward people when they have done something well. Rhenne Cervantes usually prefers to give verbal affirmation over physical rewards. Verbal affirmation usually sticks with someone for a longer period of time.

(3) Use Yourself as an Example

Rhenne Cervantes says you cannot motivate people to do something unless they believe you know what you are talking about. When telling people to do something, let them know you’ve been there before. Rhenne Cervantes always gives real life examples from his personal life when telling people how to approach a situation. Not are you showing them a practical example, but you are also humbling yourself to their level.

Rhenne Cervantes on Post-Seminary Careers

So you are pursuing a degree from seminary, well what’s next? Rhenne Cervantes, a 1992 graduate from Notre Dame Seminary, would like to give some suggestions. There are a variety of options after seminary, but you need to know what they are in order to properly pursue them. Here are three of the possible areas you can go into after seminary, courtesy of Rhenne Cervantes.

(1) Become a Minister

This is the most obvious career choice, but it can be a fulfilling one for the right person. If you feel deep spiritual convictions and have a natural role for leadership, this field could be right for you. Rhenne Cervantes points out that there are a variety of ministerial roles you can pursue. You can become a pastor, priest, student minister, recreation minster, or a number of things.

(2) Go into Missions Work

Many people leave seminary and decide to become a full time missionary. Rhenne Cervantes did not specifically feel the calling to foreign missions himself, but completely understands how some people do. Rhenne Cervantes is all about helping other people, so he is in full support of mission work.

(3) Pursue a Secular Job

Often times people will realize what they learned in seminary can transfer over to a secular field. Rhenne Cervantes understands this better than anyone. He works both for the Episcopal Church and in business. He has used his degree to cover a wide expanse of career work. Rhenne Cervantes finds that people in the secular workforce enjoy being able to build relationships with deeply religious people.

Rhenne Cervantes Works Well with Others

Rhenne Cervantes has worked in various different career fields over the last three decades, and during that time he has learned countless lessons. Rhenne Cervantes has learned about hard work, determination, professionalism, charity, and sacrifice. But one trait he has picked up along the way, and something that permeates through each of the previous, is the ability to work well with others.

Rhenne Cervantes believes that working well with others starts with first impressions. The first time you meet someone you should make sure you are being genuine and honest. At the same time, Rhenne Cervantes doesn’t believe you should be so honest as to offend someone. He also suggests smiling as a good way to show people you are easy to get along with. A smile is representative of being relaxed, and this is a big part of successful collaboration.

Rhenne Cervantes has seen a good balance of humility and honesty as the cornerstone for any good relationship. You cannot be solely focused on yourself, or receiving praise, and instead you must be willing to deflect it. People like to know you are not all about yourself. Rhenne Cervantes makes it a point to give a genuine compliment to each person he works with throughout the day. These honest expressions of praise are helpful in building strong, collaborative relationships.

A big thing to remember, especially in a business atmosphere, is to pick your battles. If you disagree with someone over something small, it is usually best to let it go. Rhenne Cervantes suggests saving your arguments for things that really matter.