LIFT Weekly Update

All about the Student Ministry at First Baptist Covington.

Hey, everybody!

As everyone gets into the swing of thing, let me encourage you to make LIFT, LifeLine, Prayer Breakfast, SS, and church (or at least the ones that you can) a part of your weeklty routine. It takes 14 repetitions to form a habit, so stick with us!

We're going to have a great week at LIFT this week with our first Snack Supper! Be there on time at 6 to eat a FREE DINNER! Plus, we'll have meaningful worship and dive into a new series applying the wisdom of Proverbs to daily life!

Also, don't forget about our wonderful Prayer Breakfast at 7am for HS and 8am for MS!

Finally, coming up this Sunday at LifeLine, we are doing some special leadership training (along with the great training provided for adults) from 5-7pm. Our leadership training, however, involves shooting at each other. We'll be playing Airsoft at Allstar here in Covington, and running different exercises that highlight leadership principles. Bring $8 and wear a lot of layers! Guns and equipment are provided. Afterwards, we'll join with the adults for FREE DINNER in the Fellowship Hall at 7!

Also, keep these upcoming dates on your radar:

  • Bonfire Night -- Oct. 23rd 5pm - 8pm
  • Separate Guys/Girls Retreats Nov. 1-3
  • LIFT Christmas Party Dec. 11
  • Ski Trip Feb. 18-21

Last Week's Message from LIFT

Elements Worship 3

Follow-Up Questions

· What have you learned about what worship is from this series?

· Does worship always have to look the same?

· How can you worship by reading the Bible?

· Why is prayer also a form of worship?

· Why is it important and worshipful for us to confess our sins?

· What does a lifestyle of worship look like?