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October Edition

Fall vacation October 10th - 17th

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A message from the Counselor

Counselor's Corner

The family unit is strengthened when uniting common activities are shared. When these activities are intentional and repeated on a regular basis they become rituals. A ritual has the elements of familiarity, knowing what to expect, participation of every member and promotes a sense of belonging that allows the child to feel safe. When the child has the expectation of a familiar ritual his/her self-esteem and self-worth rise as well. They also provide a Safe Place that will help manage difficult emotions and feelings. The four main components of building healthy and strong relationships (which leads to participation with rituals) are eye contact, touch, presence, and playfulness. The biggest transition for our students is from home to school and from school to home. One way you can help build strong and healthy relationships with your children is by greeting them when you pick them up from school. Put your cellphones on the side, look back when your child comes into the car, offer a smile, a side hug, or a simple acknowledgement with excitement to welcome them back from their school family into their home family. This transition fosters emotional safety and acceptance.

On a side note, as a Counselor, it is my job to keep each and every student safe at Benfer. As a parent it is of utmost importance to help keep each and every child safe during car rider pick up. How can we accomplish that? Please put your cell phones away. It is a cell phone free zone due to SAFETY for ALL of our students. When we are on our cell phones it is hard to be present at the moment and cars have moved forward when passing by with students. Please help keep ALL our children safe by pulling into the school with your cell phones tucked away and ready to smile and greet your children when they come into your car.

You can visit my website to find resources on how you can create rituals at home, and more:

Please feel free to reach out me at or by phone (832)484-5933.

Culture 4 Care

We are starting our Culture for Caring club at Benfer Elementary. Our vision is to create a culture for caring one student, one friend, one school, and one community at a time by honoring originality, unity, kindness, culture and equality so that every student is part of our caring community in Klein ISD. For more information and sign up, please click this link.

A message from our Specials teachers

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Teacher and Staff Shout Out!

Let’s celebrate our amazing teachers and staff with reminders about how awesome everyone is! Click HERE to let any Benfer staff member know how amazing they are and how much you appreciate them! A little bit of kindness and gratitude go a long way to bringing joy and cheer to the people around us!


All students have now received a SMART tag (bus tag). If a student misplaces or breaks their SMART tag (bus tag), a $5.00 fee must be paid through the School Cash Online link HERE in order to have another SMART tag printed for the student. This includes the plastic sleeve and plastic luggage tag that was issued along with the SMART tag. For more information on the SMART tag System now being used in Klein ISD, please click the link HERE.

Lunch Time!

  • For Lunch menus click HERE
  • To apply for free or reduced meals click HERE. A friendly reminder, breakfast and lunch are NO longer free.
  • To Add funds to meal accounts click HERE

Due to limited space, parents/guardians may eat lunch with their child on assigned days starting Tuesday, September 6th! Parents/Guardians can only bring lunch for their child due to allergies and eat with their child at the parent table area on assigned days.

Mondays: PreK & 1st Grade

Tuesdays: 4th Grade

Wednesdays: 3rd Grade

Thursdays: 2nd Grade

Fridays: Kindergarten & 5th Grade

For Our Students - Bus Safety & Expectations

Be Responsible

  • Save all food and drinks for home or school
  • Keep the bus clean
  • Be ready to scan your SmartTag when you get on and off the bus
  • Be a Problem Solver

Use Respect

  • Use only kind and appropriate words
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Listen to the bus driver

Stay Safe

  • Stay in your seat until you reach your destination
  • Use inside/quiet voice
  • Stay out of the aisle while bus is moving

For Our Parents - Transportation Expectations

Be Responsible

  • Keep from parking in Bus zones
  • Park only in visitor parking
  • Be on time to pick up your child from the bus stop
  • Communicate with the school if you are running late
  • Put your cell phone away

Use Respect

  • Early dismissal is before 2:45
  • Regular dismissal time starts at 3:25
  • No students can be picked up from the office during dismissal process
  • Put your cell phone away

Stay Safe

  • Stop when you see a bus parked with the stop sign out
  • Wait patiently for your children to come out of the bus and cross street safely
  • When dropping off your children and need to park, walk with them to cross the street safely
  • Put your cell phone away

Student's cell phones

Student cell phones MUST be powdered off and inside the student's backpack throughout the school day (including while on the bus). If your student carries a cell phone to school, please review that expectation with them.

Parent Univeristy

The Parent University initiative looks to empower families to actively participate in their student's education by engaging in meaningful partnerships with the schools and support the Klein ISD vision statement: "In Klein ISD every student enters with a promise, and exits with a purpose!" You can earn credits by attending various Parent University classes throughout the academic year at our school and even earn credit in district sponsored classes. Take a look at our upcoming events on the following website and join us to earn credits! Only acquire 5 credits to graduate from Parent University!

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