Joseph Goebbels

Nazi Propoganda Minister

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Joseph Goebbels: the Biography; plot

This biography novel tells the story of Joseph Goebbels' life, from the beginning to the end. It emphasizes his hatred toward the Jewish people, even though most people would see him a kind, charming, intelligent, and attractive man. It tells the story of how Joseph Goebbels ended up where he did, and why we are still reading about him today.

Joseph Goebbels

Nazi Propaganda Minister

born on October 29, 1897, in Rheydt, Germany

Died on May 1, 1945, in Berlin, Germany

"Without him, Adolf Hitler may have never came to power."

Joseph Goebbels as a Propaganda Minister

Joseph Goebbels Hitler's Minister of Propaganda


Joseph Goebbels went many places in his life, such as: Rheydt, Germany (birth-place), University of Heidelberg (college), and Berlin Germany (where he was in charge on behalf of the Nazi Party and where he and his family passed.)

Joseph Goebbels Speech

Joseph Goebbels:Total War Narration/Speech

Conflict- External- Man vs Society

The main conflict of this story is only what Joseph Goebbels did with his life. He became so involved in the Nazi Party and the destruction of mainly the Jews, that where he and his family ended up is truly sad.

Death of the Goebbels Family

Tuesday, May 1st 1945 at 12pm

Berlin, Germany; Hitler's Bunker

Berlin, Berlin

Rumour has it that the day after Adolf Hitler Committed suicide, which was May 1st, 1945, Joseph and his wife Magda Quant poisoned their 6 children in the form of cyanide pills or capsules, then they both committed suicide later that day.
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