What's New at EMIS

November 2016 Edition

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November's M-Powerment Strategy: Standard Alligned Lessons

What does this look like in MGSD? Teachers...
  • Use the NC standards and unpacking documents when designing lessons
  • Use the District pacing guide and instructional support materials when planning
  • Write the daily learning target/objective written on the board in student-friendly language (ie: "I Can" Statements)
  • Collaboratively discuss curriculum in PLCs to ensure Horizontal/Vertical alignment
  • Provide real-world content application and examples to give meaning to learning
  • Study your curriculum objectives to understand how they build on each other and the level of understanding (Vertical Alignment)
  • Incorporate content from standards-aligned digital resources (iCurio, Discovery Education, SchoolNet, Mastery Connect, Study Island, etc.)
  • Design remediation based on standards that need additional work, based on individual students

Need Additional PD Credits?

Share on our EMIS padlet what kinds of things you are doing relating to the M-Powerment Strategies. Remember, participating in the padlet post every month can earn you a PD CEU! Need more information about this- just ask!

Required 2nd Nine week PD

This PD Centers around providing a rigorous curriculum for students. Everyone has signed up for what "Flipped" activity they want to pursue, so please let Tara know if you need help or have questions.
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Aerial Shots of EMIS

Becky Snyder is going to be doing a math activity with fractions and wanted students to have a real-world application! She had someone with a drone come and take pictures of the school, and I thought everyone would find these interesting! Next she'll use Google draw to mark up the image and distribute to students to work on! I know this will be so engaging to students! Nice job Becky!

Walkthroughs have Begun

You will begin seeing Meghan and Tonya, as well as Tara, Mesha, & Robin in and out of your classroom doing walkthroughs starting this week. The form is longer than it was last year so we may be in for longer than usual. Bear with us as we adjust to the form- we will get quicker as we go. You will automatically get the feedback once they submit the form. It is heavily tied to the M-Powerment strategies and we hope you find the feedback useful. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Upcoming Event: Family Math Night

Parents can join us on Tuesday, December 6 for a Family Math Night full of fun and food! The program will be from 5:30-6:30 and the dinner is from 6:30-7:00pm!

From 5:30-6:30, parents and students can go on a QR scavenger hunt, play live games, work on brain teasers, and win prizes, showing our students just how fun math can be!

During dinner, they can learn how to check grades in Blackboard learn, see math problems demonstrated by teachers, and learn about resources you can use to help you child at home.

Please help us advertise and spread the word! RSVP's were in your box, but digital copies are below!

Looking to Improve your Website?

You are only required to have a basic site, but if you're looking to improve your site, check out the link below! Great resources!

What are we most Thankful for at EMIS?

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Want to participate in Secret Santa?

Below is the sign-up sheet for Secret Santa. Please sign up using the link below and tell your “favorites” so whoever gets your name will know things you like! If you choose to participate, your job is to give gifts and to be a “Secret Santa”. Surprise your secret pal every day of the week spending around $20 total for the week. We will start the week of December 12. Please sign up by December 2. I will send out your secret pal’s name then so you have time to shop.

Tech Humor Below!

Google Search funny ''Martin Van Buren" TV Commercial