The Big Three: Middle Ages Edition

Joan of Arc, King John, and William the Conquerer

Biographical Info

Born: 1412, Death: 1431, Place of birth: Domremy, France. Name: Joan of Arc( French: Jeanne d'Arc). Nickname: "Maid of Orleans." Personality: Most people thought that she was crazy. She was very courageous and she was strong in faith.

Memorable Moments

She led French Armies into battles in the 100 Years War.She led the armies of Charles VII while he was fighting for his throne. She was martyred in England, after the 100 Years War had ended.

Important Moments in her life:

King John

Biological Information

Born: December 24, 1166

Died: October 18/19, 1216

Name: John Lackland

Parents: Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine

Personality: Arrogant

Memorable Moments

He was appointed the Lord of Ireland when he was only 11 years old. He stole the kingdom from his brother Richard in 1199. When at war with the French he was making progress in the right direction with a couple of victories, but due to ill treatment of the Breton, Anjou, and Norman lords, his Empire in northern France collapsed. Also, he had to sign the Magna Carta.


He signed the Magna Carta which limited his power. This was important because it showed that one man should have that much power. It also provided some what of a basis for what a monarchy shouldbe like, as well as any other goverment.

William The Conqueror

Biological Information


Died: September 9, 1087

Nickname: William the Bastard

Birthplace: Normandy, France

Memorable Moments

He squashed a rebellion in France as a young Duke. He took over England in the battle of Hastings.


He helped bring Feudalism to England and he held a tight grip and kept England in check.