Team 13 News

Wednesday, June 8th

Butterfly Release

On Friday, May 27th, Team 13 released the majority of their butterflies into their natural habitat. It was exciting! Overall, we collectively raised close to 33 butterflies. Joy observed a Painted Lady at recess in our courtyard the following week, and watched it lay eggs on the leaves of one of our flowering bushes. I was skeptical when I first heard this news, but upon closer examination--it was true--Joy showed me the little aqua eggs on the leaf. Again, so exciting. The remainder of our butterflies were released last week. T

Thank you for the baby pictures; we will be enjoying our guessing game tomorrow with the slideshow I made.

Olympic Day

Friday looks to be a be a beautiful day! Our teams have been announced, and a slip will be sent home with your child tomorrow, reminding them of what color team they are on. Please make sure they have adequate sunscreen and a water bottle. It will prove to be a fun-filled day all about sportsmanship and teamwork. We will also celebrate Grace's birthday!

Dates To Remember

  • Monday, June 13th Students Awards Assembly, 9:30-10:30
  • Tuesday, June 14th Last Student Day-- (early dismissal)


Again, my apologies with postponing the picnic until tomorrow--it is not an easy call to make. Tomorrow looks to be sunny all day. Above the students partner read about the butterfly's life cycle on their towels---pretending to be outdoors. :)