Theme Enrichment Project

Show what you know!

Your task is to...

Determine a theme that is present at DMS. Apply your understanding of this particular theme by finding and providing examples of the theme from within the building and the world around you.

Step 1: Choose one of the platforms below to present your theme.

  1. Website using Google sites
  2. Create a Smore flyer
  3. Create a Tackk flyer
  4. Create a Thinglink

Step 2: Include within the platform you chose above, a PEEL paragraph about your chosen theme.

Be sure to include:

  • Point
  • Evidence #1
  • Explanation #1
  • Evidence #2
  • Explanation #2
  • Evidence #3
  • Explanation #3
  • Link

Step 3: Include three (or more) of the following artifacts within the platform you chose:

  • Pictures from the school that represent your theme
  • Pictures from the community, world, your life, etc. that represent your theme (these can be photos you've taken or photos you've found during your research)
  • Song lyrics which represent your theme
  • Videos which represent (could include commercials, movie clips)
  • Short stories or a book you are reading (or have read) that represent your theme
  • Poems which represent your theme
  • Advertisements or billboards which represent your theme

***Include a caption with each artifact on your platform that explains why you chose it and how it represents your theme.

Step 4: Turn your final project in!

  1. Be sure you've included a fitting title and your name.
  2. Proofread your conventions.
  3. Turn your final project using your teacher's turn-in form.