Not all students are alike, but all want to learn.

“Differentiated instruction is a process to approach teaching and learning for students of differing abilities in the same class.” NCAC

Differentiation is...


* You will see that your child’s interests will appear in their work

* Assignments will be based on student choice at times

* Students will work in groups on a regular basis

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Assessment of student work:

These are the things you will see regarding assessments:

*pre-tests will be used for teacher-information only

*projects will be used as assessments

*assessments will be look different and on different reading levels

*student interest surveys will be completed twice a year for teacher-information

Differntiated Classroom:

Three ways to differentiate learning:

o content – learning goals

o process – how students get the necessary information

o product – how the student demonstrates understanding of the required knowledge

Students will be doing the same assignments, at the same time, on the same day!

Students will be required to work!

PARENT RESOURCES Resource Differentiated Authors: Tomlinson, Carol Ann Allan, Susan Demirsky

Resource Article: Differentiating Instruction: Rethinking Traditional Practices

Image Credit: http://imet.csus.edu/imet12/portfolio/mcenulty_ana/edte251_284/WebQuestProject/index.html