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stop bullying at our school

The people who are getting bullied point of view

Bullying is something some people do and don't. But when you see someone being bullied don't be a by-stander, be the someone who stands up to the bully, be the person who tells the teacher about the situation or who just simply walks to the person being bullied and asks them if there ok and tries to be compassionate to them. If you don't do any of those easy things, the person is getting closer to wanting to commit suicide just because they hate their life they live now just because of you. Also remember that one small thing you do, can save a life of depression.

The bullies point of view

People that bully are mad and want to let it out on other people to make them feel better and the other person worse. Why would we also bully people, to get popular, to show leader ship or intimidation to someone. bullies say it feels good but once they get caught they will feel worse about themselves than they did before.

When it comes to punishments, they get mad, and then feel so much worse than they did before because nobody likes to be mad starting and then get in trouble in the end. Then a new bully train starts because now everybody starts picking on them and soon their the person being bullied. Never be a bully cause the punishments never stop for you.