Corn Starch

aka 75% amylopectia, and 25% amylose. By Tanner Jones

Chemical Formula

C27 H48 O20

3 Common Uses

  • Corn starch used as a thickening agent in liquid based foods.
  • Makes things crispy (chicken)
  • Made to make latex. Ex: Latex gloves

Physical or Chemical Properties

  • At boiling point corn starch decomposes.
  • You can roll corn starch in a ball like dough but when you don't touch it for a little while it returns to a powdery substance.
  • When applied to water it sticks to things like glue.

Additional Facts

1. Corn Starch can be used for cleaning windows

2. Can be used to untangle knots.

3. Can also be used to clean up blood-stains