Baghdad News

January 7th, 1250

Local News

Education continues to further in The House of Wisdom. Scholars continue to further education by experimenting and furthering research. The textile industry is growing as cloth begins to get traded around the world. The population continues to rise from its one million mark as the city begins to further its education and growth.

International News

Arabic power continues of gain more land as they conquer more empires. The power is growing all the way to South and Southeast Asia, with plans to grow further. The Crusades continue, but are not stopping Muslim power from growing.

Religious News

As the land continues to spread, so does the Islam religion. Although it is not required, many people are converting to Islam as the power takes over their land. The crusades continue to hinder the Arab nation, but will not stop them, as there are no plans to give up any time soon. Religion continues to accept the educational process being made, and plans to spread Islam are still in effect even as there are set backs.

Economic News

As trade grows bigger, the economy is getting better. Cloths are being imported in large amounts to many different places. As the population grows, the economy grows, allowing many things to become affordable for people with merchants still maintaining businesses. The city of Baghdad is flourishing and will continue to flourish with this economy.

Other News

Man dies of sickness at age of 34

No one knows exactly what he was infected with, but researchers are trying to find out what it was and if it is contagious. Before he died, he was stuck in bed with a high temperature. He was a merchant with a business that will be passed down to his eldest son. He had a wife and 3 children that he will be leaving behind. He was loved in the town and had a great education. He was at a good point when this sadly overcame him, and will be missed dearly.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Baghdad News,

Thank you for keeping us up to date with what is happening in the Arabic world. My family lived in a conquered land and recently came to Baghdad for better opportunities. Without this paper it would have been really hard for us to get settled, as you provide essential information.