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Week of September 28th

SLO Goal Setting

We began goal setting conferences today. This is our opportunity to collaborate as a team and review your SLO and Professional Development Plan for the year. Some tips...please make sure your growth target represents how many points you would like your baseline score to increase by the end of the year. Remember, this is a S.M.A.R.T. goal, meaning it has to be realistic, but challenging and rigorous enough for your students. In return, this goal will ideally impact overall student achievement.

During our conferences, I have suggested that it might not be best to set an overall point increase as some students may have a baseline of 20 and/or 70. The growth won't be the same for both. Depending on your sample, maybe you can group into tiers and create a goal for each tier. To achieve a 3 on the SLO, 90% of your students must meet the growth target! Hope this information is helpful!

Please pick up your students by 7:45!!! There are some classes picking up at 7:55. Please be on time.

Shout Outs

So proud of Safety Patrol. Now we have student officers, problem solving to ensure the organization is on task. Students are assigning other students to locations to ensure coverage. It is amazing how students are inspired and empowered to lead at such a young age! Thanks to Ms. Morales again! Keep up the good work!

Parents are so excited about this program. A safety patrol's mom said that her daughter loves safety patrol so much, she sleeps in her safety vest! Another parent said that her child is so excited to come to school. I also received the nicest note from a 4th grader sharing that at first she wasn't excited about school, but she loves her teachers so she is excited to come to school every day. I could have just melted! :) Kudos to Mr. Duncan, Ms. Thomas, and Ms. McCord for making such a great impression on your students!

Thank you Mr. Saucedo for representing Junkins at the Dual Language PLC! Thanks to Ms. Florin and Ms. Barringer for attending the super, exciting testing meeting!

Thank you Ms. Tamara Thomas for taking the initiative to help with our JJ Mentor Program! Staff, you will be finding out about this program in the coming weeks!

Kudos to 5th grade for being a great team! Their schedule had to be modified to ensure students receive the best uninterrupted instruction!

Last but not least, thanks to Rochelle for leading the first 6th weeks math common assessments!

Students engaged in Daily 5 Stations in Ms. Bear's class!

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Bulletin Boards-Reminders FIRST OF THE MONTH!

Bulletin Boards and Hallways (per Staff Handbook)

Room bulletin boards and hallways are a very important teaching tool and should reflect subject and content. An attractive bulletin board display is an indication of the type of teaching program offered. Bulletin boards should consist of quality student work samples. The objective/standard and student expectation should be posted. Posted work should be updated by the first of each month to show current work. Do not staple into hallway walls. Use bulletin or strip boards.

Beautiful criteria charts and student work!

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Instructional Focus

I've been seeing great things, but would be happy to offer some instructional tips. Please ensure that the activities are aligned to the LO and help support the student in independently solving the DOL. I sent information last week on deconstructing the TEK/SE since I saw that some LO's needed modifying. If the skill is "compare," students should have an activity where they are comparing. For example: using a graphic organizer to compare the characters in the story would prepare students for a DOL. Alignment between the LO and DOL is necessary, but so is the activity.

Please make sure that LOs are SE/TEK driven. This is what Tuesday lesson planning is for. Your coaches are there to support and help you deconstruct the SE or help support you with activities, per the protocol. I'd be happy to help if you have any questions.

Coach Walk-Through

Based on the data below, most classrooms had less than 30 words on their word wall. Those that had stations, the next step is going to make sure a procedure is in place for students to check. The trend shows that across the campus, we must address a system to self check. Stations should be labeled and must be purposeful. Please make sure the quality criteria chart and problem solving poster is together, in view of where the students can refer to. The next step for the word wall is to make it interactive. Rochelle and Stephanie stated they saw amazing anchor charts in several classrooms! Good job!

Data Trends from Walk-Through

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Important Updates


Reminder, we will continue goal setting conferences this coming week. We will be canceling Tuesday grade lesson plan meetings. Please, please make sure you continue to meet to address lesson plans for the week.

Number of Spots & DTR Eligibility

Effectiveness Level: Minimum # of Spots:

No effectiveness level & Progressing II or below: 10

Proficient I & DTR-Eligible: 8

Distinguished (Proficient II and above): 6

*You will be informed about whether you can apply for DTR, per TEI, in the coming week. TEI emailed information about the qualifications this past week.

Common Assessments

We apologize for the delay of the delivery of our assessments. Remember, we are trying to coordinate with the entire feeder pattern, so this first common assessment has given us some reflection as to how to coordinate for the next round. We understand there have been glitches, etc. with the actual assessment. We appreciate your understanding. We know that the assessments have technically not covered the entire six weeks, but please take that data of the portion of the assessment not covered as a pre-assessment for what is about to be taught.

Parent Lunch Card Punch Program

At our SBDM meeting, the committee decided to offer a punch card to parents (one per student) where parents are allowed enough opportunities to eat lunch with their child. For the month of October and November, parents may get their card punched up to 6 times each month. We will see how this new system goes. Please share any feedback you may have!



K-1st: All in Learning (Location-TBD)

2nd-5th (Math): PLC (Location-TBD)

2nd-5th (Reading & SPED): Mindplay in Library

Tuesday-Lesson Plan Meeting-canceled with coaches (please continue to collaborate)/ CAR Orientation

Wednesday- Mentor/Mentee Meeting

Thursday-W. T. White Homecoming Parade

Upcoming Events

September 25th; BOY DRA and Istation should be completed

September 28th: SLO/PDP Due (goal setting conferences continue)

October 1st:
Save the Date if you'd like to join us for the W.T. White Homecoming parade!

October 7th
:Launch Date for Behringer Tutoring Program and After School Coding Club (Additional information coming soon)

October 15th: Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 22nd:
STEM Spootakular (Math & Science teachers please keep posted to begin planning your booths; We are planning on bringing the community to our campus to host booths as well!)

October 30th: W.T. White Feeder Pattern Night-Please save the date as well. We will be going to a football game to support the W.T.W. Longhorns (the only "Longhorns" this Aggie will ever support). It will also be a fun night for us to hang out!

Instructional Leadership Application

Teachers, this is a great opportunity (especially for TEI)! The application and the role of responsibilities are available on Google Drive. Click on the applications folder, print, and submit the application to Ms. Blanco. I'd love for you to be a part of our team!

Morning Duty

Gym: Penagos, Simmons, Hoyle
Auditorium: Gardner, Reynolds, Owens
Cafeteria: Sapera, Stein
*TAs are in their permanent assignment (Please see schedule)

Morning Announcements

Character word of the week is citizenship. Please send your 3-4 students with a sentence using the word fairness. Please see announcement script on Google.

Jerry Junkins Elementary


Jerry Junkins seeks to be a premier elementary school by creating global citizens through setting and achieving high expectations for students.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a supportive culture for the twenty-first century learner to reach their academic destination and become productive citizens of the world.