Toll Gate Thread

Week Ending 1-20-2023

Good Friday TGES Parents

We have had a wonderful week here at Toll Gate Elementary. We hope you have as well.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Honor Flight

Last Wednesday our Fuzzy Sock and Slipper Day was a big success!! We did reach our goal of $1,000 AND, thanks to the generous hearts of our TGE families, we actually raised enough money to send 2 Veterans. $2,000 - WOW! Great job! I am so proud of our school! Thank you so much! Mrs. Stephenson

Personal Communication Devices (PCD)

Smart Watches, Phones , iPods, computers, etc., are not allowed to be used during the school

day for communication purposes. If students have communication devices of any kind, they

should be powered off and stored in their book bag. If a student has a smart watch, it is not

allowed to be used for texting, calling, recording, or any other type of activity during the school

day (and when they are in TGES building). If students need to call home, they should ask their

teacher. If they do not feel well, they should ask their teacher to go to the school clinic. This

information is in the student handbook as well. The handbook states (Board Policy 5136):

For purposes of this policy, “personal communication device” (PCD) includes,

but not limited to, computers, tablets (e.g., iPad-like devices), electronic readers

(“e-readers”; e.g., Kindle-like devices), cell phones, smartwatches, smartphones

(e.g., iPhones, Android devices, Windows Mobile devices, etc.) not owned by the


Students in grades preschool-6 may use personal communication devices (PCDs)

only before and after school. Use of PCDs, except those approved by a teacher or

administrator, at any other time is prohibited and must be powered completely off

(i.e., not just placed into vibrate or silent mode) and stored out of sight.

Please vote for our own 4th grade teacher Mr. Mialky

Eric Mialky of Toll Gate Elementary has been nominated as 1 of 20 teachers across the USA and Canada for the Most Valuable Teacher award! The teacher who receives the most votes for the month of January will be awarded a $10,000 donation for their school district to be used for Environmental Sustainability Resources. The grand prize winner for the school year, announced in May, will receive an additional $20,000 donation from SAP for their district towards Environmental Sustainability Resources. It would be great to win this for the district! Throughout the month of January, students and parents can vote every day by visiting Scroll down and click on Eric Mialky to vote. Let's do this, Pickerington Schools! Bring home the win!

#PLSDProud #NHL #SAP #MostValuableTeacher #vote

Kindness Challenge

“The Great Kindness Challenge” will be during the week of January 23rd - 27th - There will be a theme and a challenge each day at school (provided below). We also included a Family Edition list of Acts of Kindness that you can use at your discretion (reverse side).






Accepting Differences is Kind (Wear your mismatched clothes today)

Say “Hello” to someone you have never met and ask them what their name is.



Kindness Brings Brightness

to the World

(Wear Neon)

Ask someone who is sitting alone, or someone who is new to our school to sit with you at lunch or ask them to join you at recess.



Be Kind from the Inside Out (clothes inside out)

Smile and say “thank you” to your bus driver or whoever helps you get home safely.



Team Up for Kindness

(favorite sports team)

A compliment is saying something nice to someone. Find someone who you have not said a compliment to and give them one.



(SWEET) Dreams of kindness: (wear your favorite PJs)

Make someone laugh/smile today - Tell them an appropriate joke

Counselor's Corner


Below are the dates for the OST testing.

April 11th - 3rd Grade - ELA - Part 1

April 12th - 3rd Grade - ELA - Part 2

April 13th - 4th Grade - ELA - Part 1

April 14th - 4th Grade - ELA - Part 2

April 18th - 3rd Grade - Math - Part 1

April 19th - 3rd Grade - Math - Part 2

April 25th - 4th Grade - Math - Part 1

April 26th - 4th Grade - Math - Part 2

Please make sure to schedule appointments around testing dates and times if possible.

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