Ed Tech Ideas and Lessons

Indian Hill

Comic Life

Comic Life is a new program we have in Lab 129. Have students create interesting comics and graphic novels! A great way to assess student learning, Comic Life is cross curricular and a fun way for students to be creative with content. Contact me and I would love to show you how to use Comic Life with your students!

How to Change A Student Password!

If a student is having a hard time logging into the computer, you can now reset their password yourself. Here is how:

1. You must be on the teacher computer in room 129 or room 130

2. Click on the icon that says ¨Reset Student Password¨ It is the icon with gears on it.

3. Type in the students username - MAKE SURE it is their username and not their brother or sisters. Ex - a student with the name Jane Smith has the username smithja because they have an older brother named John. Ask the student - they should know their username.

4. Type in a new password for the student (it will not show up when you type it) click enter.

5. Retype the same password.

6. The student should now be able to login with the new password. :)

Adventures in Energy

Adventures in Energy is a great interactive on all things Energy - great for the 6th Grade Matter and Energy unit - students can work through this interactive to extend their learning. They could take notes as they go and produce a great comic using Comic Life (see above). Or I can help you make a webquest from this interactive. Word of caution - there is horrible music that runs throughout - make sure to click where is says "music off!"


Math@Work is a new Webseries starting November 14th that ties student's math learning to their career aspirations. You can sign up now for the premiere webisode featuring Tim Gunn from Project Runway on fashion design, Common Core related lesson plans will be available when the webisode premieres.

Found While Surfing the Net...

Greap Map Games - Not only land maps but Earth features as well - great for parts of the earth and the atmosphere as well as map locations. http://world-geography-games.com/

http://www.achievethecore.org/ - TONS of Common Core lessons in all subjects.

A fun Halloween Pinterest Board - http://www.pinterest.com/hojostptstore/halloween/

Part of the site - The Writing Fix - Corbett Harrison has a page within the site that has a tremendous amount of resources to help with student's writing. Go to http://corbettharrison.com/lessons.html for lessons.

EdcampNJ November 23rd @Linwood Middle School

Nothing to do on a Saturday :) Join educators from all over NJ for the second annual EdCampNJ! Edcamp is a day of learning and discussing what is new and what works and what doesn´t work in education. Free breakfast and tons of great prizes will be given away. Click here for more information and to get your FREE ticket.