The Solution to Guns

An attempt to make both political parties happy

An attempt to find the middleman in gun control that both Democrats and Republicans agree on

Democrats and Republicans have very different views on what should be done about guns, and it's a central focus in the 2016 election.

- Most Republicans are strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment

- Most Democrats believe that guns need to be put in check and ban certain aspects of guns

I am going to try and find a solution to end the debate and will please both Democrats and Republicans

The Facts

- The United States has a homicide rate of 4.8% per 100,000 people which is much higher than most European countries

- This is by no means straight forward though, gun loving Switzerland has a lower homicide rate then most stricter gun countries such as the United Kingdom. Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country but it also has the one of the highest crime rates in the country

- We hear a lot about gun deaths in the United States but nearly 2/3 of them are self inflicted

- We hear a lot about assault rifles, weapons of war, coming onto our streets and turning them into a battle zone. This is mostly false because when police records are used, there have been exactly 2 homicides with fully automatic assault weapons...The rest are semi-automatic rifles and handguns MOSTLY handguns

The solution

- Although background checks are already in place, make them harder to pass

- Invest money into mental health because the people commenting mass shootings are often mentally unstable

- Limit magazine size

- When purchasing a firearm have a mandatory training session.

- Give the good guys guns

- Make it mandatory to store firearms in a secure location because most guns used in illegal activity are stolen. This will also prevent children from getting a hold of them

- If you own a gun, do something similar to Australia were to keep your license you must use your firearm a certain number of times a year.

- I think the best option is to take a similar route to the way Switzerland has taken. Ban automatic assault rifles and ban military grade ammunition. The government also encourages recreational shooting which promotes people using guns and learning about them which makes people more safe around them. Their crime rate is one of the lowest in the world because a burglar is going to think twice about breaking into a house when there could be a man with a gun on the other side.