Photomath is an app that you can get on your smart phone, iPad, or tablet. Photomath simply allows one to scan a math equation and it will give you the answer. You can click on the answer to see how they found the answer if you are confused.


This app is right at your fingertips for free. Teachers can have students download this app on their smart phones, and allow them to use them after they have shown they have all of the problems done. If they want to make sure they have all their questions correct they can use Photomath to make sure.

Why Photomath?

I know that students could really abuse using this app, but I also think it would be really helpful in the classroom if a student could come and show the teacher they have all their homework done. They could simply correct it by using photomath, and if they have something wrong they can see the results as to where they went wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are always concerned if the scanner doesn't read the equation or problem right if they aren't able to use the app. There is a keyboard tool on this app that allows you to type in the equation if it isn't reading it correctly. They wanted to make sure every question could be answered, and this keyboard tool allows that to happen.
Photo Math - App free for iOS and Windows phone

Why and How I Would Use Photomath in my Classroom...

I think I would be able to use Photomath in my classroom as a helpful tool for me. I think I could have my students using this app when they have completed their homework and need to check their answers. I think this would be helpful to them most of all, because if they are getting problems wrong they are able to use the Step by Step Solving to see exactly the spot they went wrong. Then they can ask questions, and write on their homework where they went wrong so I know as a teacher where we need to be spending extra time so these things don't keep happening.