Gabriel Faure

by Kayley Randall

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Gabriel Faure Fun facts

Gabriel Faure wrote romantic and modern pieces of music.

Gabriel Faure's Marriage was arranged, so he actually had almost nothing in common with her.

When Gabriel Faure was 25 he volunteered for the military.


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Gabriel Faure's Family

Birth and death- Gabriel Faure was born on 1845 and died on 1294.

Cause of death- pneumonia.

parents-Marie-Antoinette-Helene Lalene-Laprade (1809-1887) and Toussaint-Honoré Fauré (1810-1885).

siblings- 1 sister-rose Elodie and 4 brothers- Armand, Paul, Albert and Fernand.

kids- Emmanuelle and Philippe


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Gabriel Faure's life

Gabriel Faure was born on may 1845. He soon revealed his talent of music. He was sent to a musical college in Paris. One of his trainers was Camille Saint- Saens. He worked as a organist and teacher. So he had hardly any time for composing music pieces. When he became successful his most famous pieces were Nocturnes for the piano and "Claire De Lune". In 1883 Gabriel Faure married Marie Fremeit. In his last years he was recognized in France as the leading composer for his day.


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Evelyne Crochet plays Piano Music of Gabriel Fauré - Préludes Op. 103
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