Room Parent Opportunities

Mrs. Tyner's & Mrs. Fink's Class

September 2013

Hello Parents,

My name is Christy Coffee (A.K.A. Jonathan's mom), and I will be heading up room parent opportunities for our class this year! We are planning five parties for the coming year - Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's, Easter and an End of the Year Celebration. I plan to send out an email or letter several weeks prior to each party. Interested in assisting with party planning and/or set up? Just send me an email or text! I've heard from a few of you already (Thank You!!), but the more the merrier! You can reach me via email or call/text 864-423-1882. Also, I have included a "Get to Know the Teacher" section below. Enjoy! I look forward to getting to know you and having lots of fun with our kids this year.



Mrs. Tyner

  • Color: Blue
  • Restaurant: Portofino's or Capris
  • Drink: Cherry Coke, sparkling water (without artificial sweetners)
  • Hobby: Attending Clemson football games, going to the beach, reading
  • Treat: Score candy bar (toffee), chocolate
  • Store: Kohl's, Target
  • Teaching Item: Children's books
  • Birthday: October 20th
  • Family: Sean (husband), Bennett (4 yr old son)
  • Years in Classroom: 10
  • Interesting Fact: Mrs. Tyner has a German shepherd named Zeke, and she was born in Colorado.

Mrs. Fink