Renton Weekly

Week of March 14th

Upcoming Events

3/17 Victim Proof Assembly 1:00

3/18 Half Day for students, Records day for teachers in PM

3/21 No school for students, Records day

3/22 PLC to analyze Trimester Exams

3/23 Talent Show 6:30-8:00 PM

3/24 Talent Show Assembly 1:00

3/25 No School, Good Friday

Staff Meeting

Tomorrow we will be discussing the results of our EdYes! Report and creating an action plan on how to improve our ratings.

Locker clean out

We will schedule locker clean out for sometime next week. Times will be announced later.

Google Classroom

Carrie is attempting to use Google Classroom for PLC's, PD's and such. Please join the class. If you did not get an invitation let Carrie know. There is an "assignment" in regards to dress-code. We have to bring any policy changes to the board before the end of the year. If you do not notice anything you can just comment with "looks good" or "okay" or something like that. Any suggestions or edits will be reviewed.

Spring Sports Try-outs

Try-outs will be this week. This will mean that there will probably be more traffic in the hallways after-school. Make sure that your doors are locked, just to be safe.

Thank you Mr. Vavrick and student for your hard work on the mural in the cafeteria, it looks amazing.

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