Forensic Science

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Forensic Science is applying science to law. Creating a hypothesis, confirming it, and abusing the suspect.


In each session I did a fingerprint extraction DNA extraction ,and a handwriting and ink comparison. I made and lifted a fingerprint with a brush, tape, parchment paper, micro slide, and fingerprint dust. Touch one of your fingers to your face or hair to get oil on it. place your finger on the micro slide. get the brush and dab it in the dust then sprinkle the dust on the slide. place the tape on the slide then remove and place on another surface.

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Forensic Science Technician Job Description

Median Pay:$52,840 per year ,$25.41 per hour

Entry Level:Bachelor’s degree

Job Outlook:6% (Slower than average)

Description: Forensic Technicians help investigate crimes by collecting and analysing evidence found at the crime scene.