Move to Constantinople Today!

Move Today, and You'll Want to Stay!!

Where is Constantinople?

Constantinople is a beautiful place by the ocean. A perfect place to start a business, or raise a family. Great trade and wonderful views!

What is the Religion Like?

They have a very nice church called the Eastern Orthodox Church. It is beautiful and studies the religion of Orthodox Christianity.
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Is the Security Good?

The Security is excellent because it is a peninsula. It is easy to defend because it has water on three sides of it. We even have a large chain blocking off the harbor that could tear a boat in half!
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Is the Government Good There?

The government is different from any other. In Constantinople we have a Patriarch which means the ruler, is in charge of the government, and the church. That's why religion is such a big thing there.
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What Would I do on a Daily Basis?

Daily life is great in Constantinople. We have public baths, parks, and even new bridges. And in case you ever get sick, we even have hospitals nearby! We also have many exciting chariot races at the hippodrome! You're sure to have a great time.
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