PFES - Board Report

March, 2021

Monthly Safety Drill: Armed Intruder/Lockdown

Date: 3/18/2021

Subject: School Safety Monthly Report to School Board

The Park Falls Elementary School conducted a tabletop drill and functional drill to validate the current emergency plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for a FIRE scenario on Thursday, March 18, 2021 at 8:05 AM with all students and staff. The discussion reviewed the exit options during a fire. During the day, staff used a regularly scheduled bathroom break to review the exit path in the building.

District Assessment Coordinator

  • 3-8 staff have been trained and schedule is ready for the State testing
  • The ACT is completed. There are a few planned makeups due to planned absences and other circumstances. They will be completed next Tuesday, March 23
  • Virtual students have specific plans to test on campus safely

Accomplishments and Activities

  • The number of virtual students in the PFES decreased 1 students to 16 this past month
  • Completed 17 teacher observations
  • Lead my monthly Educator Effectiveness support group
  • Discussed 2021-2022 school master schedule with PLC leaders
  • Organized and reviewed budgeting procedure for 2021-2022
  • Worked to create consistency with "school supply" lists that are purchased by parents between Glidden Elementary and Park Falls Elementary
  • Began planning summer school with a team of 6 teachers

Iditarod Project in Grade 3!

The Iditarod provides a high interest opportunity for many subject area lessons. The third grade focus is on education standards related to Number and Operations and Measurement and Data. They also write letters to an selected musher. Our student Bennet got a very personal reply!
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Math Institute of Wisconsin

Eric Kanters and Paige Richards were in District Monday and Tuesday, March 15 and 16. There were four goals for the professional development.

The first was for our teaching staff to observe Mr. Kanters or Mrs. Richards teach a routine protocol that will be used next year as part of Illustrative Mathematics. A few examples were:

  • What do you notice? What do you wonder?
  • Choral Count
  • How many do you see?
  • Estimation Exploration
  • True False
  • Number Talks

A second objective was for each teacher to present a lesson within their normal routine and receive coaching from either Mr. Kanters or Mrs. Richards.

I was observing both the coaching and as many of the routines as possible. My goal was to hear what an expert noticed in a coaching session and to hear the language they used to support the teacher. I also was able to talk with Mr. Kanters and Mrs. Richards about some steps we can take to prepare for the transition to the new math curriculum. I was interested in how our schedule should look, our grade book, and anything we can provide to our teachers to prepare them in advance.

On Monday after school Mr. Kanters previewed some of the materials and structure for a math lesson using Illustrative Mathematics so our teachers could have an image of the curriculum in their minds and ask questions about the curriculum.