Music in the classroom & in School

Music isn't just for entertainment; it also can help people!

Teachers letting people use music in the classroom

Teachers should let the students listen to music while doing their work since it has helped people focus on their work, research on how often they actually use their smart phones , and why we have a class for band and any other music class.

Music Helping in Diffrent

Teachers always argue that music is a distraction but in reality they aren't Music can help you focus on your school work and not be distracted by other noise in the room. Music is also used for therapy instead of going to a therapist and if words can't explain things then people use songs.

We Use Our Technology a Lot in Our Lives

Most people in America use their phone constantly in their daily lives. About 75% of people use their smart phones at work or at school, 55% waiting in those boring lines. People use their phone before going to sleep and when they get up so that’s about 46% use their smart phones in bed before the sleep and 52% in bed after waking up ("Go...").

Putting Music to Everyone's Use

The art of music is the language that our whole world knows about even till this day. Music can bust up your confidence even if you play it or listen to it. We as students have complained that we want to listen to our music but never actually did anything to stop it and let us listen to it. Yes we have music classes to listen to music in like instrumental music, band, drama, school productions, and involvement in the Wakkakiri and State Schools Spectacular programs (Moore...) (Mithen...) (de Vries).

Music is the Art of the Soul