Yining's bucket list

Science project- April 10, 2014

#1-Ride bike on the Great Wall

I want to go ride a bike on the Great Wall, because I want this to be a world wide race to be come famous! Parts in the Great Wall are physical weathering and some are chemical weathering. Some parts has rain, and some parts has snow. After twenty years the place have snow will brake the Great Wall in to rocks! I would go to Great Wall with my best friend.
Great Wall of China HD

#2-Play tag in the Neuschwanstein castle

I want to go play tag with my friends in the Neushwanstein castle, because is the biggest castle I know in Germany. Neuschwanstein castle has chemical weathering, it has rain petty much every week; the roof that is on top of the castle is made of metal. I wish I can go with all my best friend.
Schwangau, Germany: Neuschwanstein Castle

#3-Sky diving to Cave of Swallows

I want to sky diving to Cave of Swallows, because Mrs. Ahmed showed us this big cave! Cave of Swallows has chemical weathering, because it rains and snow made a giant hole on the Earth! I wish Mrs. Ahmed can go with me to see the cave, and Sky diving in to it! MRS. AHMED THE CAVE SHAFT IS IN MEXICO!!!
Cave of Swallows - Schwalbenhöhle in Mexico

#4- Swimming in the Dean's Blue Hole

I want to swim in Dean’s Blue Hole(I'm not crazy), because is a very cool place to go and see. Dean’s Blue Hole has chemical weathering, because the hole is in the ocean the gravity let water push the sand in to a deep hole. (there might have a small cave under so that is why is a big hole) I want to go there when I get older!
Exploring Mysterious Bottom of Belize Blue Hole by Ramon Llaneza

#5-Be in the race: Iditarod

I want to be in the race; Iditarod, because it start at Anchorage and end at Nome it will be hard. The place that Iditarod take place it has chemical weathering, there is tall mountains and the snow can brake down the mountains, and gravity pull the rocks downhill. I want to go with my family!
2013 Iditarod Race: Warm Winter Causes Trouble for Mushers