Travel to Venezuela

The Place of Hospitality

The basics

Venezuela is located on the northern coast of South America. The country has a tropical climate that is more moderate in high lands. The shape of the country looks like a big "T" only proving that you'll have terrific time there. Venezuela has the Andes Mountains and the orinoco river, so it has the best of both worlds; it has high mountains for people who like that and lowland for people who rather stay close to sea levels. The average temperature here is seventies all year, which means you could stay warm everyday you're there and you don't have to freeze in Minnesota during the winter months.

How to fit in

To speak to the people in this country; you need a spanish dictionary at the least but it would be way easier if you just speak spanish fluently. They value hospitality and their family ties. If you're there don't point you're finger at anyone venezuelians find that very rude. Also when you're having a conversation don't be scared to have lots of fun with it, Venezulans love lots of hand gestures. If you're a man in Venezuela, you're expect to work.

Their culture in depth...

One if the Venezuela subcultures is the 23 states that the country is split up by. The second subculture is the two main types of political parties which are the pro-government party and the opposition coalition. Their clothing is westernized and their main religion is christianity which is influenced by Europe/America. Telephones are a lot more common to find in Venezuela because the resources became available.
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