For Sale!: High-Tech bike!

Presented by: Aaron's bike company, For only $100!

High tech bike is for sale!

Aaron's bike company's new 5.0 model is the fad of the year. This high tech bike has many cool features. Everyone is talking about it! It can help you with many things! It's only $100 and it is only available for a limited time. Get it at this second or you'll be sorry!

For gym teachers around the world!

This high tech bike can boost your fitness skills! For such a light bike, it seems to be very hard to ride. Even the strongest man in the world felt a little tired after riding it! After The New York Times published an article about this bike, gym teachers poured into the shops to get the bike! The mob was so big that police officers had to control them! By now, almost every gym teacher in the U.S and U.K has the bike! The YMCA even purchased 100 of these bikes! Get this bike so you can have a healthy life!

Attracting universities

The technology of this bike is attracting many famous colleges such as Harvard, MIT, Celtech, Rutgers, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Cornell, and much more! Many teachers in these universities are seeing if their students can disassemble and reassemble the bike. So far only 1 student from all of the universities was able to do it! The bike's ability to transform is fascinating people around the world! It's such a small and thin bike but it can transform into so many different things! Even the genius bar had a lot of dead ends while trying to figure out how the bike worked! This bikes tech is crazy all right!

Your are not wasting your money

80% of the money will go to different foundations. It will also go to a charity so don't be afraid to spend your money! It's going to a human cause! Buy this bike and help a foundation or charity!
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For sale for only $100!

Location of headquarters

15 Gingerbread way av. Marshmallow town, Sugar state

This bike is guaranteed to be the best!