Charlie Gordon

Zoe chaloupka-6

Indirect Characterization

Appearance- Old. because he is 30 and that is kind if old, page 347

Actions- He doesn't know how to spell, throughout the book he spells words wrong

Words -Doubts himself, throughout the book usually when taking tests, or when someone says something and he doesn't know what it means

Thoughts/feelings- He didn't think that the operation worked, on page 353 he says, ''nothing is happening'', so he didn't think it was working

Relationships with others- He does what people say, he behaves well with others, throughout the book he listens to Dr stauss and his friends

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Direct Characterization

Appearance- 37 years old, page 347

Actions- Try's hard, page 348 paragraph 3

Words- Says I probably failed that, a lot, throughout the book usually when taking tests

Thoughts and Feelings- He thinks writing the progress reports are stupid, page 353 paragraph 5

Relationships with others- he doesn't understand his friends sometimes, page 354 last paragraph