Norfolk Jr. High

by:Ethan Ross

Hingle Mckringlebary

It was 12:30 AM when a man named Hingle Mckringlbary was at a spooky looking campsite and was walking around late at night. As he was walking, a black looking garbage truck was going 100 mph and hit Hingle Mckringlbary, and he died covered in trash. The garbage truck was never seen again. If you know anything about this mysterious incident please contact your local authorities immediately.
Marvel's Avengers Assemble - Headcount - Film Clip - Official | HD

Avengers assemble and they fight against the evil villain Loki to save the world.they have to defeat Loki so they can get his weapon to close the portal and iron man goes into the portal and and they think he dies but he doesnt.


total price of skateboards bought
pro boards every year-
are better than cheap Walmart boards -166 million dollars
and that pro boards can range from and how many skate-
$80-$200 at the least.I also know parks are there in the u.s-
that mostly all boards have some sort or 2,644 skate parks.
a certain board and certain bearings
to make your board go fast or slow. also that
a design is on the back. I know that
lil Wayne just put money into a new skate park
in New Orleans.

Theres no I in team

Black Ops

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 is based on violence and action. Black Ops 2 is awesome, because there is going to be lots of new maps and lots of zombie maps. Also, if you pre-order it for 179 dollars you get a care package that has the game, a replica of a helicopter, and other awesome things.

for or against 4 days of school

I would like having only four days of school, because that means that there is more time for vacations and spending time with family or going to your friends house and playing video games. It helps kids get more time to relax and they don't have to worry about school that much.