My spring break

hated it


I was in Arkansas, with my grandma Kathy Lagrone , during spring brake she wanted to spend time with me. Now she hates me. So I went to my grandma’s house first of all she hates to be called grandma so every time I called her grandma she wouldn’t answers me. The first day we were there she bought me ALMOST everything I wanted. The second day we got into an argument about the treadmill. She wanted me to get on it but she knew I was scared of it. Im scared ecause when I was 5 I got on a treadmill and I repeatedly hit the wall and scrapped up my arms, Knees, and back. So she said if I don’t get on the treadmill I can’t get on the computer and I said “No computer for me”, and she stared at me for 15 minutes. The third day I was so happy because she had to work. The next day was so fun my aunt took me bowling but I didn’t get to bowl because the machine took my money I was so mad but I had fun. The very last day I was there I got so mad at my grandma I didn’t talk to her the whole day I was happy when my mom picked me up and I don’t ever want to see her again

Bowling alley

My aunt took me to the bowling alley, over spring break, March 3 I hated it. I went to the bowling alley and my aunt only gave me 100 dollars too either play games, Laser tag, or Bowling. I wanted to play games so I went to the machine to put only 20 dollars on my card. But the machine took all my money. I told my aunt and she said to see if they can give you a refund. I went and tried to ask but they said NO I was so mad but I spent all my money playing games in like 6 minutes. After I was done I went to go and sit and watch my aunt bowl I was so mad.


It was the last few days of spring break. My mo. gave me a hard time. While I was with my grandma for a whole week, she decided not to clean up anything. For a whole week was so mad I told her you know you could have cleaned up. She yelled at me for like a minute then I started cleaning. She tried top tell me how to do thing and I was like you could of did it. I didn’t listen to her at all I cleaned everything the way I wanted.


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