by Melodee gonzalez


  1. overall male physicians earn 30% more than their female counter parts("pediatrician salary in texas")
  2. pediatricians however that gap is 22% less than many other specialties (pediatrician.)

3.pediatricians in the united states earn an average annual salary of $168,650 according to may 2011 data from bureu of labor statist is (jeffery.)


  1. however individuals with a doctor of medicine (decker.)
  2. May also practice general pediatricians in primary care or family practice office(decker.)
  3. The individuals practice for years to become a dotor(decker.)


  1. some opt for pathology or radiology,enjoying the low stress(decker.)
  2. Others become specialists,seeing patents for specialists illness(decker.)
  3. Regular hours of labortory work (decker.)


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