Falcon Space Jump

By Taine Greenwood

The Falcon Space Jump

This insane Rollercoaster will be waiting for you at DreamWorld Gold Coast. A warning to all elderly and people with cardiovascular problems should deeply consider coming on this monster of a ride as you will experience up to 6 positive G-Force with 2 loop the loops and 4 twists and a couple banked corners.

Here are a few acton spots we captured in our coaster.

Here are just some of the raving reviews we have received at DreamWorld about our brand new roller coaster: Falcon Space Jump.

James: 9/10 for the fast and intense ride!

Luca: 9/10 The Great scenery and many loops and inversion making it a very thrilling ride.

Aaron: 9/10 How colourful the ride was and how much fun it was.

The Falcon Space Jump at DreamWorld

Come visit DreamWorld the ride the most Thrilling Rollercoaster of the Century!