Aftermath of Chernobyl

By Colton Lewis

Thyroid Cancer

The biggest spike in health problems was thyroid cancer. The thyroid sits right under the neck of a person. This is the only cancer that has seen a really big increase in cancers. Other cancers like leukemia and breast cancer have seen some increase but no where near what thyroid cancer has. Even almost 30 years later, the rate of thyroid cancers has not gone done.
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Child Defects/ Illness

Another health problem that has become apparent from is child defects. Though people in the Ukraine and Belarus have said the defects have nothing to do with the radiation. The numbers have had a bigger increase in the area. Another problem that has come up is the people that were at the plant when the accident happened, their kids ended up having some sort of radiation sickness.


After the accident, it took up to 36 hours warn the people to get evacuate the area. By that time already though, more then 90% of the Belarus and Ukraine land had been contaminated with radiation. Even with all the radiation, wildlife has began to populate the area with deer, wolves, bears, and many more animals. Test have been done on some of the animals in the contaminated zone, and most of the animals have a higher radiation level then the normal animal would. Another fascinating sight was the red forest. The red forest was a forest that got contaminated from radioactive materials and died. When the leaves had grown back, they were a ginger color.