Wanted: Assef

Poster by: Patience LaRock.

Wanted for Taliban Association and Rape.

Assef is wanted for his hate crimes, the association with the Taliban in Afghan , Murders of Hazara's & for the rape of a young Hazara boy.

Assef's Rape Crime.

Assef committed many crimes but his first crime was that he raped a little Hazara boy named Hassan. He did this because he believed in his mind that the boy was less than human and more of an object because of his ethnicity. He also did it because in chapter seven page 75 he said he was "teaching a disrespectful donkey a lesson" and in his idiopathic mind what he did wasn't sinful but this obviously doesn't change what he did, it was rape, simple as that .

(Below is a picture of Hassan with the blue kite after being jumped and raped by Assef.)

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Assef is associated with the Taliban who are a murderess controlling organization know for harsh laws and and even harsher punishments.


Assef has committed murders because of the Taliban beliefs that Hazaras must die and the punishments he gives sometimes ends in death.