By:Austin F. , Jaron D. , Sam H.

What The Problem Causes

  • Stress & Less sleep.
  • Not enough time for homework.
  • No time for after school activities.
  • We are more tired because we have to stay up later to finish homework.

Progressive Era Strategies/Propaganda Techniques

Protesting: Making signs saying “Start school earlier!” “We want early school starts!” etc.

We can make letters/cards explaining what we want.

Come to school late until they start school earlier.

Turn in homework late to show that we don’t have time.

Refuse anything else until we get what we want.

Bandwagon: Hand out signs to protest after school. Spread the word on social media to inform everyone to protest and how we will do it.

Advertise that friends are protesting so they should too.

Reasons for Starting Earlier

  • We will have more time to do after school activities & homework.
  • You will not be stressed for time.
  • We will get more sleep.
  • You will be more prepared for school.


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Question 1

Problem - Start school too late

Effects -

  • We have less time for after school activities and homework.
  • We have to stay up later so when we wake up we are Drowsy.
  • Not as prepared because we may have not gotten everything done that we needed.

Solution - Start school earlier

Strategies used -

  • Taking a survey
  • Posting posters around the school

Question 2

The strategies we used will work by asking/ showing visual representation on why we think school should start early. In addition we showed the benefits of having school start early, and in our opinion school should start earlier to give kids more sleep, less stress, and longer tutorial times for any struggling students.